What am I doing running?

I’m starting to realize as I progress with running that I need new challenges to train for. They provide motivation and a reason to get out sometimes when I’d rather sit in my chair watching TV. It isn’t too often that I just don’t feel like running or exercising but it happens. But the training also provides some structure around which I can plan which also helps me.

In 2011 when I ventured into running for the first time it started off as walking in the park to burn a few calories to go along with the diet. Eventually I started just jogging up the little trail hills on my loop. Then one day a gentleman that I would see regularly on the trail walking his dog asked me why I wasn’t running since I looked like I had lost a bunch of weight. I thought about it and right at that moment said that when I got to 30lbs lost I would start running the trail. And that’s just what I did.

Through most of the summer I continued to run on the trails behind the ball park and eventually began going with some other friends, on Sundays, to Kennesaw Mtn Park to hike and run a loop there. And then one day I was buying some road running shoes while with my son getting him some shoes for the school year. In October of 2011 I did my first race, the Big Pumpkin 5K, and had a wonderful time. I was hooked at that point. I ran another 5K and then decided to tackle another challenge and signed up for a 10K. After that came another 10K and very quickly a half marathon. I had never aspired to do any of those things before but apparently I am enjoying challenging myself.

In 2012 the running continued and I did another half marathon after which two friends started bugging me about doing a full marathon. Me? A full marathon? Get out of town. I had no desire to do one. Or did I? A few weeks after the half I started entertaining the idea of a full marathon and eventually signed up for the Rock’n’Roll Marathon in Savannah, GA. A good friend helped put together a training plan, I followed it, and toed the line knowing I would finish and I had a great time. Now I’m training to PR my next half marathon in a few weeks but I’m searching for more challenges.

What will they be? I don’t think I have the desire to do an ultra. But I didn’t think I’d ever do a full marathon before, either. I can’t really visualize a trail marathon but that’s another thing that sounds interesting. I think a trail half marathon is in my near future and I definitely want to do the Marine Corps Marathon. I’ve also targeted the Goofy Challenge for 2014. So we will see what happens.

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